Policy Briefs

Collaborative Care Policy Brief Cover page 001


Collaborative Care: The Integration of Perinatal Mental Health into Medical Settings

Policy Brief, May 2015
Provides recommendations and best practices for integrating perinatal mental health care into primary care medical settings. 

Screening at Well Child Visits

Screening for Postpartum Depression at Well Child Visits

Policy Statement, July 2011
Makes the case that pediatricians should incorporate routine screening for postpartum depression into the seven well-child visits that occur during an infant's first year of life.


Access to_Quality_Care

Access to Quality Care for Maternal Depression: Meeting the Challenge 

Policy Statement, January 2009
Presents the case and makes recommendations for promoting universal depression screenings, increasing access to care and increasing education, training and resources for perinatal mental health.


The mission of the Los Angeles County Perinatal Mental Health Task Force is to remove barriers to the prevention, screening and treatment of prenatal and postpartum depression in Los Angeles County. The Task Force is a project of 501(c)3 fiscal sponsor Community Partners.